Watrous is a small, progressive town located about 110 KM south-east of Saskatoon in the centre of the Canadian grainbelty. It boasts a thriving economy based upon agriculture, mining, and tourism, with 3 nearby potash mines and one of the province’s most famous waterway destinations—Lake Manitou.

Watrous Amenities

A popular summertime destination, Watrous offers most essential amenities to serve not just the tourist community, but also its own year-round population of about 1,865. These services include a gas station, restaurant, farmers’ market, hotel, hospital, grocery store, 2 schools, and golf course. Plus, it is known as an automotive hub in the area, with a number of dealerships found here, as well. 

Undoubtedly Watrous’ greatest feature is the incredible Lake Manitou, prized for its soothing, healing waters rich in sodium, magnesium, and potassium! Found just 8 KM north of town, it is beloved by families for its unique floatability that makes it a great place for kids to swim. Plus, it also boasts a renowned Mineral Springs Spa!