Hudson Bay Park

Found in the north-west corner of Saskatoon, Hudson Bay Park is a quiet neighbourhood built post-war (1940-1960) to accommodate a housing shortage in the city during this time. It currently has a population of about 3,700 people and the majority of its homes are single-family detached or low-rise condos, with an average home price of just over $346,000.

Hudson Bay Park

Hudson Bay Park Amenities

With 33rd Street running through the neighbourhood's centre, several convenient amenities can be found in Hudson Bay Park. These amenities include a grocery store, bank, and restaurant. And other amenities can easily be accessed via Circle Drive to the west or 33rd Street.

Nature-lovers will love the greenspace Hudson Bay Park has to offer, with a total park area of just under 50 acres. It is also home to the City Greenhouses at Vic Rempel Yards, which provides the year-round floral and tropical displays you can enjoy at the Saskatoon Conservatory!

Parents have their choice of either public or Catholic elementary educations for their children in Hudson Bay Park—found at École Henry Kelsey and St. Edward Schools.