A Caring Community

Nestled 90 KM north-east of Saskatoon, just over halfway to Prince Albert, Wakaw is a popular community built on agriculture and tourism. Named for the nearby lake, it is a highly popular summer resort destination for families across Saskatchewan, with a year-round population of about 985 people.

Sunset in Wakaw #3

Wakaw Amenities

Given its popularity with the cottage and camping communities, Wakaw has many amenities to offer right in town. These include restaurants, groceries, gas, hospital, K-12 school, and a hotel, as well as several lifestyle and recreation amenities, including a golf course, boat launch, arena, museum, and even an excursion train!

Founded in 1911, the town of Wakaw has a rich history of eastern-European settlement and was even home to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Since its founding, it has only grown in popularity with new families coming from far and wide to enjoy the unique combination of the lake lifestyle with small-town prairie living.