Varsity View

Established in the early 1900s, Varsity View is a long-standing and dynamic neighbourhood located in central Saskatoon. It offers an incredible location, a population of about 3,500, and an average home price of just over $460,000.

Varsity View

Varsity View Amenities

Bordered by College Drive to the north and 8th Street E to the south, Varsity View offers easy access to amenities on both sides. College Drive provides a quick commute to the luxuries of downtown, while 8th Street E boasts all the daily essentials you could need and more, including shopping, dining, and entertainment. However, there are also a few amenities offered within neighbourhood boundaries, as well, including a convenience store and a couple of restaurants to keep your hunger satisfied.

There are 4 parks in Varsity View, giving the community just over 16 acres of greenspace to enjoy. If that simply isn’t enough for you, though, the Meewasin River Valley is just steps away to the north-west to fill your nature cup as much as you need without going far. You can also find 2 schools in the neighbourhood, as well—Bishop Murray High School, a Catholic high school, and Brunskill School, a public elementary.

The other highlight of Varsity View is its ideal location to the University of Saskatchewan, found directly to the north. It is technically the closest residential neighbourhood to the core campus, which makes it a popular choice for students, teachers, and employees of the Royal University Hospital found there, as well.