Buying 23 December 2022

5 Ways to Save for Your Down Payment


Saving for a down payment is hard, but there are several ways to save up without breaking the bank and your lifestyle; first figure out much you need to save up, and then click here to discover tips about how to save effectively.

Post written by Team Schmid CENTURY 21 Fusion Realtor®

Buying 16 December 2022

5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter


Winter might seem like not a great time to buy a home, but there are also many advantages to doing so like a less competitive market and the turn around time to buy a home is greatly reduced, plus many more reasons, to see 5 reasons why your should buy a home in winter; click here.

Post written by Jo-Anne Larre CENTURY 21 Fusion Realtor®

Lifestyle 17 November 2022

Surviving Winter Blues


In a blink of an eye, winter has arrived. Doing any outdoor activities or even driving anywhere seems impossible at times. To increase mental health and overall well-being, you can try a few things to beat those winter blues. To read 4 helpful hints, click here.


Post written by Team Schmid CENTURY 21 Fusion Realtor®