Pike Lake

Found just 36 km south of Saskatoon, the beloved Pike Lake is popular as an afternoon and weekend getaway. With a population of 2714, this community is excellent for escaping the chaos of the city at your very own Saskatchewan cabin while being close enough for regular trips. Home prices average around $434,900 for this wonderful little lake.

Pike Lake Amenities

Considering the number of visitors into the area, many amenities have been created to make life enjoyable. The lake has a grocery and concession for easy access to food and snacks. Pike Lake also features a robust campground, boat launch with rentals, a mini-golf course and a public pool with a water slide. Starting at the interpretive centre, the park’s 1.5 km boardwalk nature trail gives every visitor a chance to explore the aspen, ash, and birch forest that surrounds the lake. With so much to do, Pike Lake’s charming atmosphere makes it ideal for families and anyone looking to spend time outdoors.