With a modest population of about 651 people, Naicam is a small Saskatchewan town located 67 KM northeast of the city of Humboldt. Named after two railway construction officials, Naismith and Cameron, it offers a rich history of predominantly Scandinavian settling, high-yielding farmland, and an average home price of just over $107,000.

Naicam Amenities

One of the best things about living in Naicam is its long list of amenities in the community. These include grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, shops, and many other essential businesses. Families also love that it offers not just a preschool and K-12 public school but a health centre, sports ground, golf course, and sportsplex to support a robust and well-rounded lifestyle.

Naicam is also conveniently located just 13 KM west of Lake Charron Regional Park. This makes weekend and evening trips to the lake for picnics, swimming, and fishing not just a possibility, but a reality!