Named after the German city of Münster, the Village of Muenster, Saskatchewan, found 9 KM east of Humboldt, is home to a population of about 430. Established as a German-Catholic colony, it has evolved into a vibrant, modern community with an average home price of just over $284,000.

Muenster Amenities

Given its close proximity to the City of Humboldt and all the incredible amenities found there, Muenster only has a couple of businesses in the community, like a grocery store. However, it is rich in its recreational offerings with a great park and arena, popular with various sports, including baseball, volleyball, and curling. And the St. Peter’s Cathedral found here is truly a sight to behold, decorated with breathtaking paintings and murals by Berthold Imhoff.

Another area where Muenster truly shines is in education. The town is home to not only the K-12 Muenster School but also St. Peter’s College. This historic college, associated with the University of Saskatchewan, is a popular choice for undergraduate studies, offering courses in Arts & Science, Kinesiology, Commerce, and Engineering in an idyllic small-town setting.