Manitou Beach

The Dead Sea of Canada

Found just 121 km southeast of Saskatoon, Manitou Beach is known as the “dead sea of the prairies.” A top choice for cabins in Saskatchewan, this area is a busy tourist town known for its unique salt-water properties.

Manitou Beach Amenities

With an on-site campground and hotel, your visitors have options for how they want to stay and visit. Other amenities include various restaurants, a golf course, picnic spots, a boat launch, and even a drive-in theatre.

The lake at Manitou Beach is unique as it is so salty that swimmers will find that they naturally float in the saline waters. With only three bodies of water on the earth with this property, Manitou Beach is notable for its quiet community. Take a dip in the lake proper or at the European-style spa on its shores. This mineral-rich lake is sure to heal both body and mind as you relax and enjoy the mysteries of this incredible location.