Last Mountain Lake Westside

The more popular side of Last Mountain Lake, the westside of this gorgeous glacial lake, is a bustling community with lots to do and explore. Found 244 southeast of Saskatoon, this lake strikes a balance between the natural elements of the surrounding environment and the convenience of a larger community. The lake is the largest naturally occurring body of water in southern Saskatchewan. It is a popular resort area for residents in the south-eastern region of the Province. With 1145 permanent residents found here, Last Mountain Lake Westside is idyllic for families and young people with a sense of adventure to find their dream cabin in Saskatchewan.

Sunset on Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan

Last Mountain Lake Westside Amenities

The westside of Last Mountain Lake features many amenities and activities to enjoy. With a grocery, access to gas, diesel, propane, and several restaurants, this side of the lake has everything to make life comfortable. It also features a retail district for shopping and a hotel for comfortable accommodations. Nature lovers will enjoy the beautiful campground and accompanying boat launch.

For entertainment, Last Mountain Lake Westside features various activities in and around the surrounding landscape. Beach lovers are spoiled, as this lake features one of the Province’s longest natural sand beaches. With an accompanying marina, this spot is trendy for fishing. Every September, it hosts a large fishing tournament called the Last Mountain Fall Walleye Classic. Outside of lake activities, you can spend an afternoon at the incredible golf course or check out the nearby national park, which hosts the oldest bird sanctuary in North America and is home to thousands of birds. The park also features tours of the historical Last Mountain House, built by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1869.