Jackfish Lake

One of the most popular Saskatchewan lakes and home to the iconic Cochin Lighthouse, Jackfish Lake hits a peak population of 2,500 during the summer season. Found 184 km northwest of Saskatoon, this lake is popular in part because of its shallow sandy bottom and exuberant surrounding communities.

Beautiful view of the Cochin lighthouse during sunset in  Saskat

Jackfish Lake Amenities

With a cabin at Jackfish Lake, you can enjoy community access to a boat launch for visitors and a variety of shopping options to keep the stay exciting. With a restaurant, grocery store, disc and golf course, there is lots to explore in this landlocked paradise. The lake has a diverse fishery, making it a very attractive fishing location. The winter showcases an annual ice fishing derby that attracts over 2,000 competitors. Jackfish Lake is also close to the Battlefords Provincial park, giving visitors the chance to explore this stunning park.