Diefenbaker Lake

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The iconic Diefenbaker Lake is a Saskatchewan must-see. Found only 136 km south from Saskatoon, this lake has 500 cabins creating a tight community of residents. The lake itself is the largest body of water in Southern Saskatchewan at 225 km long with 800 km of incredible shoreline. With lots of amenities and tons to do, this lake is an excellent place to set your roots and raise a family.

Sunset over autumn leaves on a hillside overlooking Lake Diefenb

Diefenbaker Lake Amenities

In terms of amenities, Diefenbaker Lake is home to an excellent golf course, campground, and boat launch. The area boasts a robust selection of stores, including restaurants, a liquor store, a grocery, a boutique, and a salon. Looking for recreation? Diefenbaker Lake is the home to record-breaking trophy fishing, historical museums and even a ferry. This man-made lake has tons of hidden gems.