Clearwater Lake

Nestled in the beautiful Corteau Hills, this spring-fed lake is an oasis among the prairies. The lake is located 206 km northeast from Saskatoon. With settlers first arriving in 1925 to today, with hundreds of cabins, Clearwater Lake is a must-see destination. 

Clearwater Lake Amenities

The amenities around Clearwater Lake will help you get what you need. The park offers a store, grill, cafe, and pub. For more options, the nearby town of Kyle has a grocery store, gas pump, restaurants, and a drive-in theatre.

Clearwater Lake is an excellent spot for entertainment, seeing local wildlife, exploring the cave systems, or going on a guided hike. The lake is surrounded by coniferous forests, homing many berries and wildflowers. The lake is so clear that the bottom is visible at 11m/35 ft, leading to trophy-size fishing opportunities. Other facilities include playgrounds, tennis, and a nine-hole golf course with 2,600 yards of play.