Christopher Lake

Christopher Lake is a must-see getaway for lake lovers and nature connoisseurs alike. Found nestled in the boreal forest just 178 km northeast outside Saskatoon, Christopher Lake is the perfect spot to experience lake life while not feeling too remote. With 289 year-round residents, this is a close-knit community that is excellent for raising families and creating life-long friendships. Average home prices are sitting around $229,900, making it an affordable place to buy a cabin in Saskatchewan.

Christopher Lake Amenities

Christopher Lake offers a flourishing community with many amenities and shopping options. You can cover your basic needs at the local grocery or farmers market and take care of your car at the gas station or in-town garage. Have a night in the town at one of the restaurants, and enjoy an afternoon at the golf course. Need some personal time? Visit one of the many salons and massage therapists nearby! And of course, visit the beaches and enjoy the lakeside activities throughout the year.