21 June 2023

Is Buying a Fixer Upper Worth it?

This post delves into the practicalities and considerations of purchasing a fixer-upper house. It explores both the potential benefits and pitfalls of such a decision. It underlines the importance of having a strong financial situation to cover all potential costs – both anticipated and unexpected – associated with renovation. It offers guidance on determining which projects can be handled personally and which should be left to professionals. The post also underscores the importance of being aware of local permits and inspections that might add to the overall cost. Furthermore, it highlights the need to consider the potential resale value and the uncertainty of the return on investment. Ultimately, the post urges the reader to consider all these aspects carefully in order to make an informed decision on whether buying a fixer-upper is truly worth it for their unique circumstances and goals.

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Post written by Kent Braaten CENTURY 21 Fusion Realtor®